Handicap System 2019

Swale Regatta – New Handicap system for 2019

This year we are going to use the RYA’s handicap system called the NHC – National Handicap for Cruisers. It is a performance related system similar to a golf handicap.
The RYA has a base list for every boat. This considers only very basic facts like the class, the year, displacement and some sail measurements. It doesn’t take into account no. of keels, or prop specifications. ¬†As a race is completed each boat’s handicap will change. The boats at the bottom will be able to compete with those at the top. The idea of this is to attract those that are concerned that they won’t do very well, due to their own boat or their own ability. The system rates you as you perform. Everyone will have a chance of winning.

Because the regatta only consists of 3 races, the software will be limited in making fair adjustments, so we are taking last years races and inputting these into the system first to give a balanced picture of the usual fleet of boats. The new handicaps will be used for the 2019 races. Anyone who did not race last year will be given the base handicap from the RYA or an adjusted one based on previous years results for that boat.

We look forward to seeing you out there.