Handicap System 2020

Swale Regatta – Handicap system for 2020

As last year we are going to use the RYA’s handicap system called the NHC – National Handicap for Cruisers. It is a performance related system.

NHC is a scheme of progressive handicapping designed by the UK’s Royal Yachting Association. It aims to improve the fairness of handicaps by gradually altering them based on each boat’s performance. Details are available from the RYA.

We are using Halsail software to implement this by calculating a new handicap for each boat after every race in a series for any class whose handicap type is NHC. The new handicap is used for the next race in the series, whereupon another new handicap is calculated for the race after that, and so on.

The handicaps that are calculated during a NHC series are not entered into the Boat Register like other handicaps, they are recalculated every time the results are displayed and then discarded. The output of the result of any race in the series shows the handicap used in that race and the handicap to be used in the next race.

The RYA has issued a set of base numbers for the scheme that all boats should start on for their first series and any boats that have not participated in the Swale Regatta over the last 2 years will be given a base number to start. Those that have competed in the Regatta during 2018 and 2019 will already be logged into the system and their handicaps will have been modified after each of the races.

We look forward to seeing you out there.