Swale Regatta 2023

will be held on

8th & 9th July

A change for this year to enable people who can only get the weekend off to compete, the races to count will be run on Saturday & Sunday Only

On Friday afternoon/evening the 7th July Yachts Rendezvous near the Harty Ferry as racing starts 09.00 Saturday.

A stand-alone Friday race, for those that can arrive early, will start not before 16.30.

It's a great way to test your sailing skills in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a beginner, this regatta is open to everyone. So come and join us for a fun and exciting weekend of sailing and friendly competition!
This Friendly Racing Regatta is a great opportunity for sailors to experience racing without the stress of a highly competitive environment.
The regatta is completely free and takes place over two days along the Swale and Medway Rivers. The event starts in the Swale near Harty Ferry and finishes on the Medway River.

Swale Regatta

Inclusive Environment for All Sailors

At Swale Regatta, we prioritize inclusivity in our sailing community. We firmly believe that anyone with an interest in sailing should be able to participate, no matter their level of experience. Our welcoming environment fosters a sense of belonging and encourages skill development. We are committed to helping new sailors learn and grow, and our community is always happy to lend a helping hand. Join us for an exciting and supportive sailing experience that is open to all.

The Regatta Yachts were anchored near the Harty Ferry on a Friday evening. The tranquil waters of the river made it a perfect spot for the yachts to rest. The sun was setting behind the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over the river. The yachts were quite a sight to behold, with their tall masts and colorful sails. Some of the sailors were lounging on the deck, enjoying a cold drink and the peaceful surroundings. The sound of seagulls echoed in the distance, adding to the serene atmosphere. The Regatta Yachts were a testament to the beauty of sailing, and their presence in the river made it a place of wonder and awe.

Sailing Programme

Friday 7th July 23

Yachts Rendezvous near the Harty Ferry.

On Friday afternoon/evening the 7th July, Yachts Rendezvous near the Harty Ferry as racing starts 09.00 Saturday

A stand-alone Friday race, for those that can arrive early, will start not before 16.30.

Official Races will start:-

Saturday 8th July 23

Race will Start near Harty Ferry
(not before 9am)
and will Finish Queenborough.

Admirals Arms has been booked for the Saturday evening meal. (We will publish the menu when confirmed)

Sunday 9th July 23

Race will start near Sheerness
(not before 08.00)
Depending on wind/weather we will try and hold two races today

Racing will end by 15.00 on Sunday to allow all to get home.

Two competitors enjoying some close sailing

Swale Regatta

Please preorder your Polo shirts to avoid disappointment

All shirts must be ordered by the 18th June 2023

They cost £12 each

When ordering please include your Boat name along with the number and sizes required.

To advertise our sponsors and promote the Swale Regatta, we produce and sell polo shirts to promote the event.
This was the Polo shirt produced for the 2022 Regatta.

Polo Shirts

Forgotten to order - no problems just click above and email us the details before the 18th June.

Swale Regatta

Enjoy the Beauty of the Medway and Swale Rivers


Swale Regatta is not only about thrilling races, but also about taking in the stunning natural beauty of the Medway and Swale rivers. The courses offered provide a unique and picturesque view of the area that cannot be found anywhere else. It is truly an opportunity to marvel at the wonders of nature. Come and join us in experiencing the breathtaking scenery for yourself.

Swale Regatta

The Swale Regatta is a thrilling three-day event that sees various sailing clubs come together for exhilarating races on the Medway and Swale rivers. The event aims to foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all sailors, regardless of their skill level. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or just starting out, there's a place for you at this event. The regatta promises to be a weekend filled with fun and friendly competition, with opportunities to meet and socialize with other sailors. So what are you waiting for? Come join us for an unforgettable weekend of sailing, camaraderie, and adventure!

About the Swale Regatta
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